Bitcoins for Beginners

Welcome to Bitcoins for Beginners!  Our goal is to quickly and efficiently educate you about Bitcoins, then help you earn, buy, and/or spend Bitcoins!  Let’s get started…

First, learn the basics about bitcoins by watching this video:

Next, install your own free Bitcoin Wallet on your computer by downloading the client here.  Note that it may take 24-48 hours for your wallet to sync with the system.

While you wait for your wallet to sync, you can go ahead and start EARNING and WINNING some free bitcoins using these sites:

Win Free Bitcoins here:

Earn Bitcoins by visiting websites:

Once your wallet is synced, you can create as many addresses within the client as you would like.  Each address serves as a channel for different people to send you bitcoins, they all lead to your wallet.  When you create a new address, you might want to call it something like “Payout from” so you know which coins came from which source.

Now you’re ready to start buying Bitcoins!

One of the most popular sites to Buy and Sell bitcoins is CoinBase :

One of the cheapest ways to buy bitcoins online (save 10% by using this link):

The fastest way to buy bitcoins online with a credit card (not the cheapest): (save $7 with promo code: 450XX276 )

The fastest and cheapest way to buy bitcoins LOCALLY:

If you are interested in Mining your own Bitcoins, you can shop for your own mining equipment by visiting our special search results directly on Ebay here:

If you don’t want to buy your own physical miner, you can buy/sell Giga-Hashes of Mining power using this site:

You can also gamble with bitcoins!

Play casino games anonymously with bitcoins:

Play MineSweeper with Bitcoins: Minefield

Participate in a Bitcoin Pyramid and get paid for recruiting more participants:

Some people chose to invest in Bitcoins in indirect ways, such as buying Bitcoin domain names, such as the ones listed here:

When you finally want to spend your Bitcoins, there are many sites where you can do it, but here is one of our favorites:

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ALL donations are greatly appreciated!

We are constantly adding new and exciting links, trends, and Bitcoin News so please come back again!  Thanks for reading, and welcome to the new and exciting world of Bitcoins!